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Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the noble ukulele, the most fun you can have with four strings and  your fingers. I've been noodling around with ukes since I was a kid, and even though I later picked up the guitar -- 26 of them, actually -- I still find myself drawn to the uke whenever I need a little extra musical fun. I've also branched out in my public speaking, offering ukulele interludes before, during and after the after-dinner pearls of wisdom and/or alleged humor I have been hired to dispense. I do a dynamite version of "At The Codfish Ball." Surprisingly few clients take me up on it, however.  I can't imagine why. Maybe it's the hat.

This is what happens when you wash your banjo in hot water

What you see in my arms is a Gold Tone Banjolele Deluxe, the most splendid instrument of its kind in the known universe. OK, maybe that's a but much. Let's just say it's a terrific little banjo uke -- crisp tone, surprising volume, exceedingly well made  -- at an extremely reasonable price. Get one for yourself, tune it to the old "My Dog Has Fleas" formula, and be the life of the party everywhere you go. Gold Tone makes fine big boy banjos as well. Visit them at http://www.goldtone.com/

Goofiness abounds. Just go with it.

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